Juneathon Day 10: A (downward) dog’s life

Yoga tonight, which was certainly beneficial as a) I’ve been satisfyingly achey in various limbs this week and b) I’ve learned just how tight my left achilles tendon is.

It’s been niggling after lolloping for a couple of miles, nothing too painful, I’m just aware of it and don’t like it. Tonight we did lots of lovely leg stretches, including some in downward facing dog where we had to ‘walk the dog’ by bending alternate knees. I found that I can get my right foot flat on the floor, but you could fit a copy of War and Peace under my left heel and still have room for Heat magazine. So I’m now on the hunt for some more good stretches to avoid anything going twang in the near future.

It’s gently tipping down with rain here – splendid for the garden, rubbish for me having to drag myself out at 6.15 tomorrow morning (any athletic endeavour will be offset by going out for Thai tomorrow night). On a normal month, I’d be thinking of excuses already, but seeing as its Juneathon… AND I’ve just had my hair cut which normally sees at least a 24 hour embargo on exercise (it’s a bit like giving blood….) so the only people to have seen my good hair will be Husband (currently being smacked in the face by panda heads on the wii before I have to give it back tomorrow) and yoga people. The sacrifices we make for the cause eh?