Juneathon Days 17, 18, 19 and 20:

Ooops. I’ve had a bit of hectic one this week, hence the lack of updates and slightly rubbish attempts at Juneathon.

Day 17
Wednesday is yoga day – lots of forward bends and focus on breathing. We always do a three part breath inhaling into the front, side and back of the ribs as part of the warm up, but this week we did a nine part breath. Which started with concentrating on the bottom of the lungs expanding the front, side and back, then the middle of the lungs to the front, side and back and then the top front, side and back.  I’ve no idea if I was doing it correctly, but it was interesting to try.

Incidentally, both Running Matters and Running From 30 have some interesting musing on yoga.

Day 18
Up for an early one as I had agreed to take my sister to the bloody Trafford Centre after work. It was quite an effort getting up again and I was quite grumpy with it. I tried procrastinating, but Juneathon guilt kicked in and off I went. I did a mile before realising I was quite late (damn procrastinating), had stuff to sort out before work and my heart just wasn’t is it. As a result, I compromised by only doing 2 miles, but running back at a faster than normal pace (ended up 30 seconds faster than the way out, but at only just under 10 min it’s still pretty slow).

Day 19
Friday. Ah. It was about half 9 by the time I got back from Manchester on Thursday, had tea and then stayed up til stupid o’clock doing some last minute work for an education group on Friday morning. There was no way I could function on that little sleep, so I wrote off the idea of an early one and by the time I got home I was pretty much knackered. I think I’ve said before that my current attitude to Juneathon is to do some form of activity that I wouldn’t normally do, so I ran through some yoga stretches and tried to stretch out my left calf and achilles tendon. And then fell asleep on the sofa at 9.30.

Day 20
Saturday – again following the spirit of Juneathon, if not the letter. Did some vigorous housework (some activity that I wouldn’t normally do…),  had a two hour sleep and a not quite 2 mile walk around the village after a late tea. Fingers crossed for a better day tomorrow.

Tomorrow is (hopefully) a longer than normal morning run and crown green bowling in the afternoon.