Juneathon Day 3 – Promise fulfilled

I didn’t think I’d have chance to post after yoga, hence my short pre-yoga post earlier. Events have conspired to mean that (a) I have possession of the computer and (b) I am awake, so I can do a proper post. Aren’t you lucky?

I’ve been going to yoga classes since January and really have enjoyed them. It’s helped combat some of my work stress, I feel more balanced (in more of an actual less clumsy sense than a spiritual way) and at times I can convince myself that I’m longer and leaner than I am (except when doing anything a bit plough-ish and then I get a faceful of flabby squishiness, which spoils the illusion somewhat. It’s a bit like being suffocated by bread dough). It’s very much a mixed ability class and I don’t do anything half as scary as Ashtanga yoga like Running From 30, which would kill me without a doubt.

Although I had mixed feelings about not running this morning, I’m glad that I did (or didn’t…). It dawned on me a bit back that if I try to run everyday, I’ll have an initial burst of enthusiasm and then get bored and give up. There’s no way that I’d keep up with theĀ  press-up and sit-up challenge (as created by Hauling My Carcass), so after a bit of thought I’m trying to use my non-running days to either
(a) do a lovely long walk somewhere nice with the husband
(b) do something energetic that I’ve not done for ages but used to enjoy or
(c) try something completely new.

So far the list includes swimming, squash, badminton, golf, tai chi, aqua aerobics, crown green bowling (which is more just an excuse to justify a day in the pub), ladies racketball and some form of aerobics class (because I’ve never done one cos they seem too scary). This is how I’ve ended up signing up for a body combat/boxercise/ultimate fighting type combo class after work tomorrow. Working for a health conscious employer who likes us to practise what we preach (and not go off sick), our trust is running a bit of a get fit for summer thing and is hosting various 8 week classes. High on the excitement of Juneathon, I found myself sending a tentative enquiring email, which was soon followed by one saying “can I come on Thursday please?”. I never do anything that impulsive. Damn Juneathon.

Juneathon Day 3 – On a promise…

This is a bit of a preemptive post because I haven’t done any exercise yet. I’ll be off to yoga in half an hour and I know I’ll go because I like it and never weasel out of it like I do with running.

Bit strange this morning with not getting up for an early run, but crikey it was nice not having to move.

Pre-yoga washing up is calling …