Juneathon 27-30: The end is nigh…

I’m better at the exercising than the flipping blogging at the moment, but it’s a completed project which is something of an unknown for me.

Day 27 Saturday: One of the many things that Juneathon has made me realise (and it has been a bit of a voyage of discovery for me) is how much I enjoy my weekly yoga and that I’d like to do a bit of practise at home as well as my weekly session/random workshops. As well as that, the stuff that we’ve been doing recently has made me interested in the various forms of Hatha yoga and the ideas before them. Lacking a responsible adult on Thursday evening, I accidentally found myself in the Mind, Body and Spirit section of Waterstones buying the Yoga Bible (half price, good size for camping, splendid photos even if one chap has a slightly offputting tache) and Essential Yoga (bit more on meditation, specific sequences for different sports/ailments and the use of the phrase “drunken monkey mind” to describe when your mind wanders during meditation. That swung it for me…). The upshot of this is that Saturday’s exercise was a practise of the suggested sequence for running – lots of hamstring stretches!

Day 28 Sunday: Ah yes, Sunday. Like an idiot, I decided to try for my first ever six miles. I managed to cover a whole six, unfortunately it just wasn’t all running. It was stupidly hot quite early and I’m not good at being static in heat, let alone moving. I also forgot to take water. If I’d been sensible, I would have turned round and done a sensible 3 or 4 miles, sadly I wasn’t sensible and I ended up doing probably half and half running/walking on the return 3 miles. It didn’t help that I got carried away going downhill at 3 miles (ignoring the fact that lovely downhill becomes evil uphill in a matter of seconds when I, um, turn round) and went a bit further than I should do. As I headed back, I could feel my legs slowing down and slowing down – it was a bit like a set of wind up false teeth as they run out of winding. And then I felt a bit rough and shivery. So I walked for a bit, ran for a bit and turned off my watch so I wouldn’t kick myself too hard later on.  As it was, I wasn’t too disappointed with myself – and it made me realise that if I do end up run/walking, it’s probably more sensible to let myself recover properly and have a more satisfying run rather than pressuring myself to set off running again and then running out of steam a few yards down the road.
I also enjoyed my Sunday run because I get to nosy at people in cars and wonder where they’re off to. Particularly intrigued by a couple on bikes with camping gear on the back – I hope they were off somewhere exciting.

Day 29 Monday: More yoga from the book.

Day 30 Tuesday: Early morning run, 30 minutes. I set off with the intention of doing a fairly flat 15 minutes out and back again, but I ended up behind a bloke out running (who must have been going quite slow because I’d managed to catch up with him). I don’t usually see anyone running at that time and saw 2 today so I assume that the heat has got to people. I felt a bit uncomfortable running behind him (and it looked a bit like we were out together and had fallen out), so I veered off down to the lake. I’ve had some work issues recently and wanted a nice mindful kind of run where I could notice small things and take a bit of pleasure in them. Sleepy ducks, a triptrap bridge (no trolls or goats), rain pitterpattering on the leaves, ripples on the water, a very sweet smelling patch of flowers, the crunch of gravel underfoot, dappled light through the trees and a very keen angler smoking a pre-7am cigar. The only problem with this run is the fact I have to meet my nemesis the Big Hill, which I tackled and won – setting me up much better for the day than sulking under the duvet. AND I’ve just realised that Day 30’s run is exactly the same as Day 1’s which has a lovely symmetry to it. And was totally intentional….

So that’s it. Juneathon done and dusted. I’vehad quite a lot of fun, it’s made me think about various things and go hmmmm quite a lot and I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone else’s updates, so thank you!