Juneathon day 2 – hark at my efficiency

Due to a previously unseen level of social life today (well I’m going out for my tea) and the fact that I hijacked the computer last night, I thought I’d write up early today.

Another run in the sunshine today, 3.25 miles (ish – I’ve nothing as fancy as a garmin, but I’m not quite using an A-Z and a piece of string). Felt like I was going a bit slow (for me – compared to anyone else I was going backwards) but it levelled out and I averaged out at a pace of about 10min 30sec/mile.

What I have learned today is that organisation is the key to success at this time in the morning. Yesterday I forgot to make my dinner; today I’ve found that putting the front door key down on a patterned cushion potentially adds 5 minutes and half a dozen swear words to the day.

And before I forget – a huge thank you to JogBlog for adding me to the roll call, JoggerBlogger for being king of the Juneathon, and everyone else who’s doing it and keeping me both motivated and entertained!