Juneathon Day 5 – Why there yellow cow?

Back to the straightforward moving in a straight line, one foot in front of the other this morning. Despite the satisfyingly achey abs and arms today, I don’t thing that I’ll ever master the technicalities of the grapevine or other such fancy dan moves (I’m somewhat relieved to see that these instructions say that it can be mastered in a few sessions – I had a matter of minutes). Still, I’ve amused people with the mental image of me grinning and flailing.

Did a nice 3 miles this morning. Apart from running towards the motorway, it was splendidly rural and I enjoyed running between fields. I do love the fact that no matter where I run in the village, even on the main road, there’s trees and fields to see.

One of the fields contained three horses and a lovely yellow cow, which made me wonder what the cow had done to warrant being in a field of horses and whether it found this confusing in any way. I was slightly worried that she was a cow outcast, but settled on thinking that she has a wide social network that comes from a wide range of backgrounds. The cow didn’t seem particularly perturbed by it, so that’s alright then.

Running tomorrow with my friend the bully. I might even make a note of the planned route this time