Juneathon day 11: Bread time

Another early morning so that I can do the ironing and go out for tea (note to self, must start ironing any time soon). It was a bit of an effort falling out of bed, but the lure of Juneathon got me moving for a 30 minute plod.

I was trying not to get too focused on distance/speed, just go out for 30 minutes. Unfortunately, I’m horribly aware of various half mile markers around the village so I knew it was about three miles which defeated the object a little. I passed my first early morning runner, several sociable chaps who said hello, one slightly less sociable chap in hi-vis who just looked startled by my sweaty but cheery “Morning!” and more bread vans that you could shake a stick at. I know that time of the morning is bread time, but I spotted 4 in half an hour (and only chased after one of them….) which seemed a lot. Clearly we’re an area that needs a copious and steady supply of pies and barmcakes, which possibly is half my problem.

Tea is Thai – bring on the golden bags!

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