Juneathon Days 12, 13, 14 and 15. Crikey.

Hello! There’s been a bit of a break in transmission because of a rather splendid weekend’s camping in Anglesey, but it’s been Juneathon all the way (certainly in spirit).

Day 12
Friday morning was a very hard early morning run. Not hard in terms of distance (2.9 miles) or speed (slow) but definitely in terms of opening eyes, moving body into upright position and leaving the house. After the previous night’s yummy Thai (pork and prawn dumplings, chicken panang curry and storm trooper birthday cake), which was a 50 mile round trip, we detoured to do a spooky late night camping shop in Tesco. With all the shelves being re-stocked and the staff listening to their own tunes on stereos, you feel as if you shouldn’t be in there. The upshot is that it was gone midnight when we got in and when the alarm went off at 5.45 it was like someone had taken a cheese grater to my eyes.

Work over, car loaded up and off we went down to Newborough.

Day 13
Early start, bacon butty eaten, packed lunch packed, factor 25 slapped on and off we go on a coast and country walk that clocked in at 11.5 miles. It was definitely an amble, with stops for paddling, lunch, looking at stuff and getting lost.

This was where we went:

11.5 miles ambled

11.5 miles ambled

And this is some of the stuff that we saw.13062009030.jpg

We set off through fields and into the forest, me keeping a beady eye on the weather (I have an optimistic attitude to packing for camping – in my head it’s always sunny. Add to that a particularly chaotic pack 5 minutes before we left and I was cagoule-less and wearing flipflops).

Eventually, we emerged into the sand dunes and onto the beach, albeit not quite on the path that we had intended to. Although we both know that it’s not a good idea, we had ended up (not for the first time) navigating using a map on the back of a leaflet. Erring on the side of caution, I made Husband promise that we wouldn’t attempt Snowdon using this leaflet and flipflop style of orienteering.

13062009043Onward we trekked, this was around mile 5.


And lots of nature too, including a very hairy (and possibly very hungry) caterpillar.



By this time, the weather had settled into blue skies and shiny sun. So much so that I exposed below my knees to the outside world for the first time since about 1999. I don’t know what you’d call my leg colour, but it’s fair to say that if I ran wearing shorts in winter, I wouldn’t need to bother with any hi-vis. I’m not sure who was more scared, me or the other poor souls in the forest.

The calories that we burned were completely offset by restorative beer, curry and bombay mix. And I was quite narked to discover that during the walk my locked phone had somehow connected to the internet and signed me up for a £4.50 a month subscription to one of those ringtone and “amaze your friends! X-ray your hand with your phone!” websites. Normally I struggle to connect to the internet intentionally using the power of the my thumb. Grrr.

Day 14
The day didn’t start well. I’ve had a cold lurking for a bit and it chose Sunday to break forth. Running was totally off the cards (not least cos my feet were still achey from Day 13) so I yoga-ed next to the tent watching the clouds speed past overhead. Felt a bit of an arse, but then really didn’t care because it was so nice.

Day 15
Woke up snuffly, snotty and feeling like someone had been hitting my face with a lump hammer. From the inside. Having had a hectic day at work and a whole banana for dinner, we decided to invoke the lovely walk clause of my Juneathon and pootled 2.5 miles up a new bit (well new to us, it’s been there for years….) of the canal.

More nature was waiting for us.

There once was an ugly duckling

There once was an ugly duckling

And best of all, a Mystic Horse. He was lovely. He was standing in a clearing,  looking very serious and quite unicorn-like. Even more mystic was that as we walked back along the towpath, Mystic Horse appeared to have vanished. Less mystically, he turned up in the next field having magically transported himself through a gate.

Mystic Horse

Mystic Horse

Fingers crossed that I feel better tomorrow. I think that an early run is unlikely, but have plans for going after work either alone, with chum or with the running group.

Juneathon day 11: Bread time

Another early morning so that I can do the ironing and go out for tea (note to self, must start ironing any time soon). It was a bit of an effort falling out of bed, but the lure of Juneathon got me moving for a 30 minute plod.

I was trying not to get too focused on distance/speed, just go out for 30 minutes. Unfortunately, I’m horribly aware of various half mile markers around the village so I knew it was about three miles which defeated the object a little. I passed my first early morning runner, several sociable chaps who said hello, one slightly less sociable chap in hi-vis who just looked startled by my sweaty but cheery “Morning!” and more bread vans that you could shake a stick at. I know that time of the morning is bread time, but I spotted 4 in half an hour (and only chased after one of them….) which seemed a lot. Clearly we’re an area that needs a copious and steady supply of pies and barmcakes, which possibly is half my problem.

Tea is Thai – bring on the golden bags!

Juneathon Day 10: A (downward) dog’s life

Yoga tonight, which was certainly beneficial as a) I’ve been satisfyingly achey in various limbs this week and b) I’ve learned just how tight my left achilles tendon is.

It’s been niggling after lolloping for a couple of miles, nothing too painful, I’m just aware of it and don’t like it. Tonight we did lots of lovely leg stretches, including some in downward facing dog where we had to ‘walk the dog’ by bending alternate knees. I found that I can get my right foot flat on the floor, but you could fit a copy of War and Peace under my left heel and still have room for Heat magazine. So I’m now on the hunt for some more good stretches to avoid anything going twang in the near future.

It’s gently tipping down with rain here – splendid for the garden, rubbish for me having to drag myself out at 6.15 tomorrow morning (any athletic endeavour will be offset by going out for Thai tomorrow night). On a normal month, I’d be thinking of excuses already, but seeing as its Juneathon… AND I’ve just had my hair cut which normally sees at least a 24 hour embargo on exercise (it’s a bit like giving blood….) so the only people to have seen my good hair will be Husband (currently being smacked in the face by panda heads on the wii before I have to give it back tomorrow) and yoga people. The sacrifices we make for the cause eh?