Juneathon 3/30 – anything could happen in the next half hour

It’s only day three of Juneathon and already I am relying on the route where Ginge throws me out of the car in a layby on the way home from Tesco.

I had no treasure plans in mind when I set off. I’d spotted an orange squashed on the road on the way to Tesco and thought “Oooh, something orange“. This thought was then followed up with “Ooooh, roadkill that’s something orange“. Sadly the route I ran home was a different one, so the squashed orange enthusiasts amongst you will have to wait another day. I plodded along, my eyes darting left (a stick shaped like a letter) and right (roadkill) but to no avail. I did spot a pleasant pheasant but they aren’t on the list.

I’m not the pheasant plucker…

I was getting a bit desperate, but then with half a mile to go I was overtaken by a Skyride and I thought, “Ah, cyclists, I’m sure that they’re on the list” so I crossed my fingers all the way home and thanks to Knitrun4sanity there it was on the list.

Number 38: Cyclist

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