Juneathon 2/30 – unexpected treasure

Before setting off for this morning’s run I announced that I would be seeking ducks and baby swans, and duly set off on the same run that yielded ducks and baby swans earlier in the week. Unfortunately, the swans were having a lie in but there was plenty more to see.

First off, I nearly ran headlong into the postman and cursed as his mate drove off into the distance. I ran round the corner, nearly got squished by a police landrover and scuttled across the road to take a sneaky picture of a postvan (thank you knitrun4sanity.

Proper Postman Pat style – no Jess though, which would have ticked another one off the list.

After the postvan, I ran down the hill looking for sticks shaped like letters other than I or L. I spotted some cows and decided to take a photo purely to curry favour with JogBlog


But while I was taking the photo, I noticed an unusual bit of rubbish (suggested by fairweatherrunner) in the hedge…

They’re a size 8. So before anyone asks, definitely not mine…

After the unexpected pause, I trundled on down to the lodge and found no baby swans, but there were some ducks in a splendid flotilla…


There may have been no baby swans, but I did find a feather

Fluffy feather

…which was suggested by Fortnightflo, and was only outdone by what I found as I embarked up the final steep hill – an even better feather, which I tucked into my camera and carried all the way home.

Could I blog with a quill? I bet someone could.

And that was that for that run; 3 miles done, Juneathon treasure hunt ticked off, big smile on my face, what more could you ask for?

11 thoughts on “Juneathon 2/30 – unexpected treasure

  1. fortnightflo says:

    OOOH i like the idea of writing with a quill! Might not quite translate to bogging though. A good treasure day for you – 3 of the list, You’ll be done by day 24 at this rate!

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