My Juneathon Treasure Hunt List – An update

Seeing as we’re over a third of the way in now, here’s an updated list of what’s been spotted:

  1. Creature
  2. Glitter
  3. Cake
  4. Cat
  5. Sheep
  6. Motorbike
  7. Hill
  8. Viewpoint
  9. An interesting tree
  10. An exotic animal
  11. Road kill
  12. A geocache
  13. Goat
  14. A roadside egg stall
  15. A view through an arch
  16. A pebble
  17. Something orange
  18. 39 steps
  19. Trig point
  20. A red door
  21. A blue fence
  22. The ark of the covenant
  23. A tree with someone’s name carved in
  24. An orchid
  25. A piece of grass longer than 50 cms
  26. A cloud that looks like someone/ something (preferably a crocodile)
  27. Rhino
  28. Llama
  29. Pub
  30. Milestone
  31. Pothole
  32. Feather
  33. Parkrun t-shirt
  34. Union Jack
  35. Local ale
  36. Manchester tart
  37. Post van
  38. Cyclist
  39. Fire engine
  40. Unicorn
  41. Penguin
  42. Kiwi
  43. A dignified pigeon.
  44. A piece of street furniture that looks like a face.
  45. The meaning of life.
  46. An ice cream cornet without the ice cream
  47. A shell
  48. A penny
  49. Unusual bit of rubbish
  50. A Lego mini figure
  51. A dragon
  52. A badger
  53. A pirate
  54. A stick shaped like a letter (but not an I or an L)
  55. A giant rabbit (preferably wearing a bow tie and/or a top hat)
  56. Dr Who with an iguana
  57. A half eaten Greggs
  58. A Kentish Orchard
  59. Teaspoon
  60. Teabag
  61. Dice
  62. A pink car
  63. A chalk drawing on the pavement
  64. Treasure (money)
  65. A baby swan
  66. Run an errand i.e. run home with a 2kg bag of potatoes
  67. Climb a tree en route
  68. An interesting plaque
  69. Pretty bunting
  70. Beach
  71. Pier
  72. Olympic torch relay
  73. Supermarket
  74. Ducks
  75. Riverboats
  76. Castle
  77. Motorway
  78. Thunderstorm
  79. A proper Cornish pasty

Juneathon 11/30 – in the pink

It’s fair to say that with a third of Juneathon done and dusted, the treasure hunting is starting to take over my brain a little bit. Tonight I contemplated running a particular route because I had passed a squashed pigeon in the middle of the road. This is not good. Incidentially, if and when I do spot some roadkill, am I expected to photograph it? I don’t want to offend the squeamish and equally, I’m not sure I want to be the sort of person who takes photos of squished wildlife.

Tonight was a simple two miles (I would’ve done a bit longer, but my tea was sitting heavy) taking in a pink car (suggested by runorgocrazy) that we had clocked earlier in the evening.

It’s not quite Lady Penelope, but never mind.

I am very pleased to have ticked this off because I was being tormented by a Barbie pink Fiat 500. I keep passing one on the road while I’m out driving, but never see it while I’m out running. If I do see it while I’m treasure hunting I will take a photo of it because it is about as pink as you can get, but at least now I can dampen down my persecutory ideas that the driving has been taunting me on purpose…