Juneathon 23 & 24/30 – in which there are bars and baaas

Well apparently I’ve not failed Juneathon and I have to carry on to the bitter end. This isn’t a bad thing, if I had failed I would never have found myself experiencing what can only be described as the pinnacle of Athoning experiences. It is the holiest of holies, the sporting challenge to end all sporting challenges. It is The Dressing Gown Dash*.


The Dressing Gown Dash. Wearing the actual dressing gown in the actual garden of the actual Queen of the Athons, the one and only JogBlog, who embodied the spirit of this whole daft running challenge by doing a lap of her garden way back on the first day of the first Janathon.

Here we are celebrating our athletic endeavours.


Then we walked to the pub and I did a bar press up to fulfil my Juneathon requirements.

This morning, with a slightly sore head, I did a gentle 2 and a bit miles past lots of sheep who are in various states of undress what with it being shearing time and all.


*I have added Dressing Gown Dash to the list as emergency treasure number 80