Juneathon day 8: Bring on the plus fours…

Yesterday I thought that I wouldn’t have chance to do anything new and exciting this week, but it turns out that husband (who needs a good, non-twee nickname for me to refer to him as. Oh, no,  apparently he’s happy being husband, the least I can do is upgrade him to being a proper noun) has an idea….

So after a quick forage around tesco, we’re off to the driving range. At first glance this plan seems flawed in so many ways. I have a slightly suspicious view of golf (the same way that other people see Morris dancing or late night text messaging services on Five). I have incredibly rubbish shoulders, no sense of balance and struggle to organise my limbs to do anything more than the most simple of tasks. I’m terrible at not being good at things and get very ratty with Husband when he tries to teach me stuff.

One hour, a basket of balls and a golf stick later… I’ve managed to find and lose my rhythm at whacking them down the grassy bit, narrowly avoided taking off the head of the bloke six booths down from me, chipped several so close that I can nip on and retrieve the ball without being shouted at, realised that golf is a lot harder than it looks and managed to confuse the automatic tee by my attempts at either belting a chunk out of the astroturf or gently wafting the club over the ball.

I hate to say it, but I quite enjoyed myself, though I suspect that my shoulders and back will be grizzly in the morning. They’re still recovering from Wii-fit boxing on Saturday night.

Juneathon’s really made me ponder on several things this week, but I should crack on with my presentation so I’ll have to keep pondering til another post. It’s certainly made me realise that Juneathon is wonderful for procastinating…

6 thoughts on “Juneathon day 8: Bring on the plus fours…

    • travellinghopefully says:

      I do hope so! Incidentally (before I incur any golfing wrath) my suspicion of golf has nothing to do with the sport per se, it’s just that I was brought up just down the road from a quite swanky course that attracted golfers of a certain kind which perhaps coloured my view a little.

  1. Emma says:

    I didn’t mind playing golf when there was absolutely no-one behind me on the course to see how rubbish I was! But playing at midnight isn’t always convenient…

  2. travellinghopefully says:

    I’m a long way off being allowed out on a proper course, I think it’s crazy golf for me in future!

  3. irunbecauseilovefood says:

    Just discovered your blog thanks to your comment on mine! A great read.

    An ex-boyfriend tried to teach me golf once, and I was absolutely terrible. Another tried to teach me pool (“I can teach anyone to play pool” – a statement that he retracted shortly afterwards). I stick to running now, and other things that don’t involve big pointy sticks.

    Keep on Juneathon-ing. 😉

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