Janathon day twelve: useful walking

Today’s walk was a very practical one. After two false starts getting Mini-Ginge dressed (two incidents, one at each end…) we were all suitably wrapped up with the mission of calling round at my sister’s with a birthday present then carrying on into town to pick up something from Argos and get some supplies for tea.

It turns out we can fit loads on the parcel shelf of the pram, but I really should learn not to be conned into pushing on the return leg because (a) the pram is a lot heavier and (b) it is uphill. The round trip came in at 6.25 miles, but I think it was nearer 6.5 because I forgot to turn on my Garmin.

In other news, I have well and truly fallen off the Physio wagon. Last time I did it, the one that I’m struggling with actually felt easier (on on side at least) so of course I’ve not done them since. Idiot.


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