Janathon day nine (ahem) and ten (that’s better)

Day nine: move along folks, there’s nothing to see here. I fell off the Athon wagon yesterday; the weather was rubbish, the skies were grey and heavy, and the rain fell, heavy and steady. It was not a day to take a small boy outside. I had planned to do a bit of yoga or something in the evening, but the small boy was a hungry boy and could not be persuaded to go to bed until gone midnight and by that time I was knackered.

Day ten: Today we went for a walk with gran – 50 minutes, 2.3 miles (I have shaken Miles – my Garmin – out of retirement) up and down the lanes, with a short sharp hill in the middle, and then back along the canal towpath…



…said hello to some horses…


…and watched a murder of crows swoop and gather in the trees.