Janathon day six: red faced and sweaty

As Ginge was off today, I took advantage and went to the gym for the first time in, ooooh, ages. This sentence makes it sounds like I was full of enthusiasm and raced down there like a gazelle on roller skates. What actually happened was I tried to hide behind Mini-Ginge’s needs until Ginge senior gave me a very hard stare.

I was dreading going because:

  • I haven’t been for ages – it’s going to hurt
  • I can only use three bits of equipment – this is rubbish
  • My baggy running top is no longer baggy
  • And probably a whole host of other reasons that I don’t even realise.

    You know what? It wasn’t half bad. As a warm up I walked on the treadmill ramping up the incline ever so often (thus satisfying my need to press buttons while I’m on it), 15 minutes of random hills on the bike and then 20 on the elliptical trainer doing 2:1 run/walk intervals. I finished up satisfyingly red faced and sweaty before offsetting the minuscule number of calories I burned by having churros for dinner (lunch).

    I didn’t get round to doing my Physio exercises yesterday, which is a challenge to the ‘all or nothing’ approach that my brain tends to take.

    Physio (at the time of writing) 4/6