Janathon day four: Napping valley

After a morning of milk and nappies, Mini-Ginge and I readily accepted an invitation to go for a walk with his gran this afternoon.

We decided to venture into Cuerden Valley (home of the Cuerden Valley parkrun which started when I was pregnant and I am, perversely, looking forward to doing. I say perversely because I have a neat trick of forgetting that ‘valley’ equals ‘hills’). The walk was spent setting the world to rights, discussing diets and working out the best way to manoeuvre a pram through kissing gates. Oh, and working on my canine recognition skills when I saw a very bouncy dog that seemed to have springs for legs and cheerfully announced “you can tell why they’re called springer spaniels” for my mum to reply, “it’s a red setter…”. Back to the I-spy books for me.

I’m not sure how far or how long we walked for, but it was at least an hour and there was definitely some valley involved with the route. We would have kept going for a bit longer, but the daylight was going and as mum pointed out, his pram doesn’t have headlights. Himself (of course) slept for the duration.

Oh, and whilst I am medically exempt from the pyjama plank challenge, Mini-Ginge tried his best with one this morning.

The boy has better core stability than I could ever wish for.

Physio 3/4 (at the time of writing. I do intend this to be rectified, I’m just waiting for my tea to settle).