Janathon day eight: horsey

Regular readers might have noticed that my tiny companion is generally asleep during our Janathon activities. After being let off yesterday’s efforts because of his vaccinations (he had a note from his mum alright), today was his day to have the fun.

Unfortunately, we didn’t enjoy the best night’s sleep and our departure was hindered by a late nappy change, but somehow, despite this, we ended up on time for our first session of baby yoga.

There is a lot more tickling involved in baby yoga than my normal class, and there are more nursery rhymes than chanting, but oooh, it was fun. I think Mini-Ginge enjoyed it – I know I definitely did. We warmed up with some breathing, stretching and tickling, before moving onto some baby massage and then the postures themselves. I think my favourite was a kind of horseback warrior. It was down to me to do the warrior bit, while Mini-Ginge perched on my leading leg clippety-clopping homeward bound.

Apparently we normally do some mum yoga as well, but it’s all very fluid depending on how all the babies are enjoying themselves and this being week one, there wasn’t enough time. We finished off with a guided relaxation, during which Mini-Ginge decided he wanted a snack – I suppose this is better than falling asleep which is what his mum usually does…

I realise that this wasn’t very Athony from my point of view, so in the afternoon we had a brisk half hour walk to blow away the cobwebs.

Physio exercises 6/8 – I have written off today because I want to be in bed before midnight.