Janathon day three: canal yomping

Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer walking along water (along, not on, I’ve not got that much of a complex) than say, a dual-carriageway. I had toyed with a new route, but twitter advised me that the area was on flood alert, so I decided to have a yomp on the canal where the tidal risk is somewhat lower.

With the Met Office threatening heavy rain all day, I realised that I’d have to time this well to avoid looking like a really irresponsible parent. It wouldn’t be so bad if I had been taking Mini-Ginge in his pushchair, but I had a feeling that the towpath might be a bit too puddled and I had opted for putting him in his sling. If there was a downpour, I would have a very soggy baby…

We opted for my usual stretch with the intention of just doing half an hour. However, the sun kept shining, the sky was blue and himself was sound asleep, so we kept on going and ended up doing 50 minutes. Now, I must be suffering from Garmin deprivation because I found myself thinking “I could just round it up, just five minutes extra on the end and then turn back round…”. As I started to set off on my just five minutes extra, the sky darkened and I made it back to the car just in time…

Oh, and I did my physio exercises as well. They are still hard.

Physio 3/3