Janathon day twelve: useful walking

Today’s walk was a very practical one. After two false starts getting Mini-Ginge dressed (two incidents, one at each end…) we were all suitably wrapped up with the mission of calling round at my sister’s with a birthday present then carrying on into town to pick up something from Argos and get some supplies for tea.

It turns out we can fit loads on the parcel shelf of the pram, but I really should learn not to be conned into pushing on the return leg because (a) the pram is a lot heavier and (b) it is uphill. The round trip came in at 6.25 miles, but I think it was nearer 6.5 because I forgot to turn on my Garmin.

In other news, I have well and truly fallen off the Physio wagon. Last time I did it, the one that I’m struggling with actually felt easier (on on side at least) so of course I’ve not done them since. Idiot.


Janathon day eleven: back to the valley

Another walk down (and up) Cuerden Valley today, this time with Ginge and starting from the opposite end to last time. This one was just over two miles (precise mileage not known because I forgot that I had Miles in my pocket and then we had to solve the mystery of the missing satellites) and took in the lake…

…and lots of trees. Some of them upright…

…and some of them, well, less so.


Janathon day nine (ahem) and ten (that’s better)

Day nine: move along folks, there’s nothing to see here. I fell off the Athon wagon yesterday; the weather was rubbish, the skies were grey and heavy, and the rain fell, heavy and steady. It was not a day to take a small boy outside. I had planned to do a bit of yoga or something in the evening, but the small boy was a hungry boy and could not be persuaded to go to bed until gone midnight and by that time I was knackered.

Day ten: Today we went for a walk with gran – 50 minutes, 2.3 miles (I have shaken Miles – my Garmin – out of retirement) up and down the lanes, with a short sharp hill in the middle, and then back along the canal towpath…



…said hello to some horses…


…and watched a murder of crows swoop and gather in the trees.


Janathon day eight: horsey

Regular readers might have noticed that my tiny companion is generally asleep during our Janathon activities. After being let off yesterday’s efforts because of his vaccinations (he had a note from his mum alright), today was his day to have the fun.

Unfortunately, we didn’t enjoy the best night’s sleep and our departure was hindered by a late nappy change, but somehow, despite this, we ended up on time for our first session of baby yoga.

There is a lot more tickling involved in baby yoga than my normal class, and there are more nursery rhymes than chanting, but oooh, it was fun. I think Mini-Ginge enjoyed it – I know I definitely did. We warmed up with some breathing, stretching and tickling, before moving onto some baby massage and then the postures themselves. I think my favourite was a kind of horseback warrior. It was down to me to do the warrior bit, while Mini-Ginge perched on my leading leg clippety-clopping homeward bound.

Apparently we normally do some mum yoga as well, but it’s all very fluid depending on how all the babies are enjoying themselves and this being week one, there wasn’t enough time. We finished off with a guided relaxation, during which Mini-Ginge decided he wanted a snack – I suppose this is better than falling asleep which is what his mum usually does…

I realise that this wasn’t very Athony from my point of view, so in the afternoon we had a brisk half hour walk to blow away the cobwebs.

Physio exercises 6/8 – I have written off today because I want to be in bed before midnight.

Janathon day seven: back to basics

Today was a bit action-packed, well as action-packed as we get at the moment. We managed to make it nearly on time for the mother and baby thing that we go to (by nearly on time, I mean that it was nearer to the start time than it was to the end time…), scooted home, walked up to the doctors’ surgery, had jabs done, came home for food and cuddles, went to Tesco (Mini-Ginge travelling in his sling, more to satisfy my need for trauma-related cuddles than anything), came home, had more food and cuddles and at 7.30ish, I hared out of the door to go to my first proper yoga class for nearly six months.


It was lovely to get back to yoga, if only because it is a tiny sliver of normality for me. I’ve learnt that when you stop doing your normal activities that define you (for me that includes work, knitting, running, sitting around the house with no greater plan than sitting) and take on one defining role (mum) it can be a bit, well, overwhelming. So getting back on the mat felt like an important step. I’m not sure what it’s a step towards, but it’s a step.

As it was the first class back and the opening session of a new course, our teacher took us back to basics and invited us to go into it with “a beginner’s mind”. She advised us that we should have no expectations about our bodies and their capabilities, and that having expectations often led to frustrations when things don’t go according to plan. It was as if she had written the introduction with me in mind. I keep comparing my relatively fit, strong, healthy pre-baby body with what I have now. If I look at it from my usual perspective, it’s not as good as it used to be. If I look at it with the eyes that my teacher wanted, I still have a relatively fit, strong, healthy body, I just have to rediscover what it can do if I ask it.

Physio exercises 6/7