Juneathon day one: Lune

How did it come around to June already? Anyone? Anyone? No. Oh. Well it’s here again, another month celebrating our festival of exercise and excuses. If you’re new to my blog (hello! Make yourself at home, please bring cake next time…) I don’t really have a bad Athon record. I usually (somehow) manage to run (even if it’s just a token mile) and blog every day, typically clocking up a respectable hundred or so miles in the process. However, when I finished Janathon this year it turned out that I was about a fortnight pregnant and so I’m starting Juneathon 22 weeks gone. Running every day aint an option. If you’re currently pregnant and running every day, more power to your elbow! If you’re feeling good, then go for it. I just know that for me, it’s not a sensible option at this point in time (well it’s even less of a sensible option than it has been for the last three years).

Instead, my Juneathon 2013 will be a mix of run/walking, walking, swimming and gymming. I am trying to feel enthusiastic about this, but the lack of running (especially on day one) has made me feel a bit of a fraud. It’s ten o’clock on the first day of Juneathon and I feel like there’s something that I’ve forgotten to do…

Day one kicked off with a bacon and black pudding baton (the breakfast of champions) and a trip to the British Lawnmower Museum. The reasons for this are a little too involved to explain, but I have learned why Flymos are orange, have seen a whole host of celebrity lawnmowers…

Hilda Ogden's lawnmower.

Hilda Ogden’s lawnmower. Fact.

…and learned that smoking and mowing are not necessarily doomed to be mutually exclusive activities.

Ah, the heady days of straightforward advertising.

Ah, the heady days of straightforward advertising.

After all that grassy excitement, a series errands took us up to Carnforth (home of Brief Encounter) at the other end of the county and then back down to Lancaster for the rest of the afternoon. Working on the theory that a run only counts if it’s Garmin-ed (I know, I know), I took Miles (my Garmin) to (a) keep track of my pace and (b) have some kind of proof that I didn’t just amble around the house. Setting off from the Millennium Bridge in Lancaster…


…we headed down the River Lune along the Lancashire Coastal Way for a mile…

…admiring some impressive bits of stone being salvaged from an old factory on the way…



…before striding back in time for tea.



11 thoughts on “Juneathon day one: Lune

  1. notmuchofarunner says:

    Ok. Why ARE Flymos orange?

    Is it so people with red/green colour blindness can’t see them, lose themselves in the jungle that is their lawn, they are therefore unable to return to their homes and thus speed up natural selection by removing colour-blindness from the gene pool?

  2. Adele says:

    Of course, I am slightly jealous of a trip to the lawnmower museum. We have a fan museum down the road, maybe the non-smoking version is fanning whilst mowing…

    I will watch your Juneathon-with-bump (it must be getting bigger now?) with interest x

  3. runningman856 says:

    Did you know there’s a ‘Pencil Museum’ in Cumbria? You might like it. If I find out the locations of anywhere else you could waste a whole day of your life then I’ll let you know!!!!!

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