Juneathon day… oh. Yes. Well..

Yesterday I made a decision. I haven’t exactly fallen off the Juneathon wagon, it’s more like I have waved cheerily to the driver in the rearview mirror and asked to be let out at the next layby please.

We’re due to go away and, whilst I have happily jogged and blogged from a tent for the past three years, I have decided that this isn’t the holiday for that. I don’t want to have to think about phone signals and battery life and trying to turn a the walk around a field into something that passes as entertaining.

So I’m not. I might post stuff if we do something interesting, but I want to crack on with my knitting and sit around drinking tea, so there’s no guarantee that will happen.

It also doesn’t help that last night’s pre-yoga nap turned into two hours of deep and dreamless sleep, which meant that I was unconscious and five miles away for the duration of the class…

I will try my best to keep up with all of your fabulous blogs while I’m away (or will feast on them when I get back) and wish you all a wonderful, excuse-filled,  injury-free rest of June.

PS. I have just been told that apparently I will “be back with a vengeance for Janathon”…

Medal monkey sends you his best wishes for a splendid Juneathon

Medal monkey sends you his best wishes for a splendid Juneathon