Juneathon day four: Early

Tuesday night is yoga night, so technically I had my exercise booked in for the day. However there’s a little part of me that is missing the quiet stillness of 6am runs, I wanted to prove to myself that I’m still capable of dragging my lazy arse out of bed at that time and I know I’m stuck in the office all day again. Oh, and it also means that I have the satisfaction of not having to worry about Juneathon for the rest of the day.

My plan was to do a 30 minute loop down to the lodge and back. At the moment I’m trying to focus more on running for 30 minutes rather than aim at specific mileage, so the shortcuts that I normally use when I feel like skiving are coming into play a bit.

My early start was rewarded by the sight of the mist rising off the water…



…and some very adorable fluffy ducklings.


Unfortunately I was distracted and forgot to take my short cut so it turned into 3 miles after all.