Juneathon day five: Bother

I know it was yesterday’s exercise, but I feel last night’s yoga warrants a mention for two things. One, it is very rare that we are introduced to a posture with our teacher encouraging us to “imagine you’re going for a number two…” (it was a frog squat if you’re interested). Then later on she showed us some complicated bendy looking stuff and told us about a chap who she studies with in India who can do aforementioned complicated bendy looking stuff at the age of 105. She went on so remind us that just because someone is that age can do it, it doesn’t mean we are able to – simply because he has been committed to daily practice from the last 80-odd years, whereas we haven’t. As someone who is guilty of comparing myself (often badly) to other people, this struck a chord somewhat.

Anyway. That was day 4. This is day 5. Technically I still haven’t done any exercise, it’s nearly 9.00pm and I am sitting on the sofa debating whether to go for a walk or go to the gym. At the moment, this comes down to whether or not I can be bothered to take my clothes off*.

This morning I woke up tired and a bit out of sorts, luckily I was able to go back to bed for a bit, but unfortunately I woke up just as tired and loads more irritable. I’ve not been able to shake the feeling all day and I feel all out of sorts. At one point in the afternoon we were making plans for the evening and Ginge pointed out that something would mess up my Juneathon. “Bother Juneathon” I replied. Except I didn’t use the word ‘bother’. It was a much shorter word…

I have downloaded some podcasts and need to decide whether I will feel better for a trip to the gym or a moderately intense stroll around the village. I have tossed a coin and am off to the gym.

Well that put me in a much better frame of mind. Just a nice 35 minutes of cardio – enough to put a bit of colour in my cheeks and get a bit of a sweat on. It’s quite nice going to the gym at this time, it’s a 24 hour place so everything’s secure and pretty quiet. While I was there, I was on my own for parts but was joined by a couple of blokes who descended from the grunting weights room upstairs to do some wild grunting things with kettle bells, and later by another woman.

Hmmm, this looks like daylight. I promise it was night time.

Hmmm, this looks like daylight. I promise it was night time.

Not sure what tomorrow holds exercise-wise, Friday is going to be an early one (so either gym or run) so day six will be walk, run or swim. Hmmmm.

*And put on replacement clothes. Obviously.