Janathon day thirty-one: end

It’s all over.


I know it’s all over because I have been allowed my traditional post-Athon barbecue and have gorged on sausage and Ginge’s homemade handground burgers (50% brisket, 50% sirloin, 0% horse). When I got in from work I wasn’t even allowed a crisp until I had gone out and run, which I suppose is fair enough.


I only did a paltry 2 miles to take my Athon total to a round 110 (having learned about the perils of finishing on a Nelson from Abradypus, I wasn’t going to do 3 and I certainly wasn’t going to do 4…) but I did choose the direction that has more of a hill in it, so I’m not entirely lazy.

So, now we’re at the end of this ridiculous folly, have I learned anything? Kind of. I know my body is very unhappy with me, I am tired and lots of me aches. I am looking forward to a few rest days (happily these involve a weekend in London for the post-Janathon pizza and pub combo).

I have entered a ridiculous amount of races while I was giddy on Athon endorphins. I am now faced with the prospect of having to (a) train and (b) run them. I have my first one in just over a week…

I didn’t especially change my diet during Janathon and I certainly wasn’t on a diet, but it’s managed to take nearly 5lb off my weight at the start of the new year. This pleases me. This morning I saw numbers on the scales that I haven’t seen for months (possibly years) – this also pleases me, although after this weekend I suspect that I will be back at square one.


Athoners are amazing. I have loved reading people’s blogs – old favourites and all the new ones – and love the fact that everyone tackles an Athon differently, but you know what? It doesn’t matter. Amongst the many that I have enjoyed, I am faint with admiration for Benjiboyw who has set a new Athon record of 501 miles. I have loved the daily sheeps of Jovial Gnome. And of course runningman856 who has been very gracious in defeat after our Janathon mini-challenge about who would do more miles (I suspect that this originally involved a drunken throwing down of gauntlets).  Thank you all for keeping me entertained, arse kicking me when necessary and for all your lovely comments on here. It’s certainly helped to keep me going – I was wary of doing Janathon after having such fun doing my Juneathon treasure hunt, but have enjoyed most (if not every) minute of it.

A special thank you has to go out to Ginge, without whom we would starve and live in squalor throughout the Athons. On the quiet, he has also exercised every day and has whinged a lot less than I have.

(Oh and of course thank you to the JogBlog, Queen of the Athons, without whom none of us would be doing any of this and who will be rewarded with flapjacks).

See you in June!

11 thoughts on “Janathon day thirty-one: end

  1. notmuchofarunner says:

    Nice one.
    Occasionally…. Only very occasionally…. I wish I lived in the city. Now is one of those times. I would be inviting myself to join in the trip to the pub.
    I would be refused of course and would end up eating a kebab and going home early. But that would be good too.

  2. abradypus says:

    501 miles gives us something to aim for in June 🙂 I’m game if you are*

    *Please don’t call my bluff. Please don’t call my bluff. Please don’t call my bluff.

  3. henniemavis says:

    Hooray for the end, all 110 miles! (I’m a little late getting around to everyone, HA!) Ginge’s burgers look delish & that’s saying a lot from me, since I’m not a big meat-eater 🙂

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