Janathon day twenty-seven: four

Well last night unfolded like clockwork and there was certainly no need for any bum baring – with comforting predictability raffle tickets were bought, stand up bingo was stood up for and the speaker spoke. Unfortunately the speaker didn’t exactly give a magnetic (or entertaining) (or coherent) performance and I compensated by drinking free wine. Ooops. And then during the raffle our table won seven of the eleven prizes (causing some raised eyebrows as it’s one of our party who organises the raffle…), six of which had screw caps. Ooops.


Despite (because of?) this, I managed to stay up until stupid o’clock setting the world to rights and actually was the last man standing at four o’clock. Somehow (and I have no idea how this is possible) I managed to be somewhat bright-eyed and bushy tailed at eight and put away a slightly dubious full English (I suspect that the tomato had a higher meat content than the sausage) before going to look at the crashing waves from a safe distance.


It was weird getting home because we had managed to miss the snowmageddon that hit our way on Friday night (there were even northbound v southbound snowball fights on the M6). By the time we returned, there were just a few mounds of grubby snow at the side of the road to give any clue of what had happened. Oh, and this sad sight in the back garden – my snow penguin was no more…


Anyway, this post is brought to you by the number four because I went to bed at four o’clock, I had four hours sleep and when I checked the ToD on Running Free, I realised that I only needed four miles to reach my Janathon century. So that’s what I did. Alarmingly quickly in places. Which is weird. I still haven’t had a snooze (which is weirder) and am starting to worry that I’m actually asleep now and have dreamt the run…