Janathon day eleven: damp

Conversations that you really shouldn’t be having before six in the morning (from under the duvet):

“…what’s it doing out there? Is it wet? It sounds wet…”

Having been told that it was “just residual”, I got up, got dressed and left Miles in the garden to get a signal. And then I heard it. Rain. Steady and drumming on the porch roof. Realising I couldn’t leave Miles exposed in the elements and that I would have to at least go out to rescue him, I threw on my hi-vis and set off before I could change my mind.


After that, things were boringly uneventful. I saw not a single soul, the rain slowed to a gentle drizzle, my legs complained a bit and that was that.

In other news – Janathon t-shirts (and other exciting merchandise – dog t-shirt anyone?) are now available from CafePress and can be seen on the Janathon facebook page modelled by the Queen of the Athons herself.

Oh, and if you haven’t got enough blog reading going on in January, have a nosy at Not a Running Girl where H, inspired by all the Janathon posts, is blogging her adventures in boot camp for the next six weeks. Do not be confused by all her talk of this thing called ‘summer’; she is not delirious from the rain, just in the Southern Hemisphere.