Flamingo - from a free Spud & Chloe pattern

Janathon day sixteen: motivation

I was hoping to be able to blog some knitting today, but I realised that things had gone a little pear shaped and ended up spending most of last night (a) undoing my last few rounds and (b) defending my honour and integrity on twitter. Mostly (b).

Wednesday night is of course is yoga night, so it was an early Janathon run for me this morning. It was cold and dark outside and I wasn’t too keen on getting out there. Thanks to Heather for spurring me on from the (not cold and dark) Southern Hemisphere with the tweet:

This is what she learns at boot camp… http://notarunninggirl.wordpress.com/

I opted for a 3 mile out and back along a route that I haven’t yet run this year; not too slippy underfoot, I got to bellow “MORNING” at another runner and a dog walker, and it was warm enough to let my hands be visible at the end of my sleeves.

And although this isn’t the knitting that I was going to post, I’ve been wanting to show off this little fella who I knitted before Christmas.

Flamingo - from a free Spud & Chloe pattern

Flamingo – from a free Spud & Chloe pattern