Janathon day eighteen: disappointed

This morning I was been expecting to get up and venture out into a still and silent village hidden under a blanket of snow. Mentally, the blog was written – I would battle valiently against the elements to keep my Janathon honour in tact, ploughing out a token mile, I would return, heroic and be rewarded with a lovely pot of tea.

What I woke up to was a sparce covering of snow in the car park, a wet but snow-free main road and a wind-chill factor of -6oC Pfffffffff. This was a bitterly cold three-miler on weary legs. Looking on the brightside though:

  1. It is Friday
  2. I have Janathoned early so I can relax for the rest of the day and, more importantly, I don’t have to run for at least 24 hours
  3. No snow means that my weekend running options have increased immeasurably
  4. I was still given a lovely pot of tea

I was going to take a photo of an un-snowy road, but that would have been, well, just a road. However, as I was running back up the hill, my path was crossed by a splendid fox and this gives me an excuse to include this chap from the woolly archives.

From Lauren O'Farrell's Stitch London

From Lauren O’Farrell’s Stitch London