Janathon day nineteen: snowed

After complaining that it hadn’t snowed and with the Met Office forecast being ‘cloudy’, it only went and flipping snowed yesterday. I was very relieved to have got my Athoning out of the way in the morning.

Today I procrastinated by building a snowpenguin…


And when I did put my running kit on, I realised I was rocking a very stylish look of black trail shoes, white socks and knee-length tights…


Feeling like a dodgy bloke on the pull in an 80s nitespot, I took myself down to the valley for a play in the snow. I used to run down here with my old running buddy and it’s where I ran the Badger 10k last Juneathon, but as a rule it feels a bit too lonely to do on my own.


There was nothing to worry about today as it was packed with excitable sledge-towing children and hundreds of dog-walkers…


There were some nattily dressed hounds, including a black labrador wearing a jaunty red scarf knotted around his neck and a quartet of greyhounds in matching jackets…

Passing all these people made me realise that running in the snow wearing knee-length tights generates several types of response. 1) I will not make eye contact with you – If I look at you, you will infect me with your madness 2) I will look at you but disapprovingly – You are clearly a mad woman and we should not encourage this sort of behaviour 3) I will look at you and beam at you with delight – You are clearly mad but it looks bloody brilliant. Number three was rare but lovely when it happened.

SAM_2123After misjudging a path I went bounding off into the undergrowth and was crossing my fingers that I would be able to cross the river without having to do an embarrassing U-turn… When I did reach a crossing point, my heart sank to see stepping-stones. Those of you who know me will now that this was a potentially cold and wet disaster in the making.


Luckily, I scampered across like an agile mountain goat and was able to get back to the path I know before looping back to the car park to make it three miles.


I’m faced with the opportunity to go on a group trail run in the morning, but am a little afeared of this. We shall see…