Janathon day twenty-four: treacle

I think I got a bit cocky last night – My daily Janathon efforts have made bits of me a little perter and perkier, and the sight of the scales doesn’t displease me. High on the endorphins of a fast flowing yoga class, I was feeling fit and strong and confident.

And then I got up this morning.

This morning’s three miles were hard work, my legs were weary and every step was like running through treacle.

My legs have now stopped talking to me altogether, although I hear rumours that they’re making placards and are going to mount some kind of protest. Through our mediation service, I would like to inform them that they have a whole 24 hours off and then I’m taking them away to treat them to a bit of a swim and a sauna over the weekend.

When all else fails, just think of the reward of Janathon pizza

When all else fails, just think of the reward of Janathon pizza

4 thoughts on “Janathon day twenty-four: treacle

  1. henniemavis says:

    OMG, a knitted slice of pizza! It’s cuter than I would have ever imagined. I take issue with you mentioning treacle in your blog & then showing pizza… if I don’t lose some weight soon, I will have to ban reading both you & abradypus, purveyor of chocolated-Saltine desserts! Up with saunas tho, which at least are low-cal diet approved 🙂

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