Janathon day fifteen: Sooty

Well I survived yesterday with the help of an emergency sandwich, which is somewhat better than the old days when I would rely on a post-beer refuelling of a bacon butty, roast chicken crisps, a mars bar and a can of full fat coke to see me return to action.

When I finished work at eight, I had to de-ice my car, the roads and pavements glittered with frost and I nearly fell on my arse several times whilst crossing the car park. There was a sense of inevitablility that I wouldn’t be getting out for a 6am run this morning. I didn’t even bother trying.

Today saw me get into a discussion with JogBlog debating the relative properties of fairy wands versus magician wands via the tangent of Sooty (I’ve storified the whole conversation here if you were lucky enough to miss it on twitter). This lead to the revelation that, not only had JogBlog gone to see The Sooty Show LIVE, but runningman856 had been backstage to shake Sooty by the paw.

Which reminded me of this rather wonderful (but slightly disturbing) song by Jay Foreman (who I saw supporting Dave Gorman last year).

And also Sooty and Sweep’s appearance on Radio Four’s Today programme, which was somewhat surreal when heard live on my way to work.

Tonight was a post-shopping 3 miler in the freezing cold.


11 thoughts on “Janathon day fifteen: Sooty

  1. kimivory says:

    How WIERD is this!?!?! I had a FB message from a friend in Chicago today asking me if I know what “Sweep” is in relation to a kids TV show. I gave her a whole synopsis of Sooty and Sweep and all their malarkey. Things I haven’t thought about for YEARS, then I read this blog……….SPOOKY!

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