Janathon day five: park

Despite it being Saturday, I had to work this morning. Bah. I tried to come up with a convoluted plan that involved running to or from work, but it wasn’t to be. If I ran to work I wouldn’t have access to showers and that would be at best impolite and at worst, in violation of any number of infection control policies. If I ran back from work, it would be a steady uphill trek and I would then have to catch the bus back to pick up my car (I couldn’t bus it to work because of the amount of stuff I had to take with me). I considered running the streets near work, but quite frankly this didn’t fill me full of joy. I thought about driving somewhere after work, but feared that this would end up taking up the entire afternoon.

And then I remembered that Saturday work is virtually opposite a park. So I decided to run there. It was a glorious spring-like day, the sun was shining and the paths were full of people searching the rhodedron bushes for children and dogs. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that most of the park is uphill and it was only when I got home that Ginge pointed out that it is called a valley for a reason. Still, I enjoyed myself, I tackled the hills with enthusiasm (until the enthusiasm stopped short of my actual legs) and took lots of photos of trees.






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