Juneathon 17/30 – Feline groovy

Another Sunday, another day when I prioritise cake over Juneathon…

We’ve now reached a point where the potentially achievable treasure items are all a bit of a distance from the house, which is unfortunately because I know that I will have a hat trick of early runs this week.

Today I decided to chance my arm and have a quick trot down to the lodge to hunt out the elusive waterfowl suggested by Fairweatherrunner. It was in the lap of the gods whether or not the swan family would be obliging and come out for a swim. I can only apologise to any other park users who were alarmed by the sight of an over excited grown woman exclaiming “Yes! Swans!” as she got near the water’s edge…

The swans weren’t being entirely helpful as they were bobbing about on the far side of the water, slowly drifting towards me but at a speed that meant that I didn’t have enough time to wait for them to reach my side and, conversely, if I ran to the other side they would be just as far away as when I started… Anyway I settled for a few long lens baby swan paparazzi shots and looped round the lake to find that although they were nearer from that side, my view was completely obscured by the rhodedenron bushes.

Not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR baby swans

I ran up the big steep hill to get home and as I scuttled into the car park, I spotted another of @torsparkles‘ suggestions – a cat  sunning himself on the pavement. I tried my best to act nonchalant and sneak up on him, but it quickly descended into a bit of a game of cat and mouse (weirdly with me as the cat and him as the mouse though) around a car before I managed to grab a quick picture.

The cat was rubbish at hide and seek

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