Not Juneathon day 15

As has been the case for the past few Athons, I have let myself slide gently off the Juneathon wagon. I had a sudden realisation that I had started to do crap yoga, was writing increasingly boring blogs and that doing yoga in the front room has limited scope for posting photos of wildfowl. So I put my weasel pants on and weaselled on out of there. Worryingly, I actually managed a longer Juneathon last year when I was full of baby.

Ah well.

Today though, I ran. Alright, so it was after the usual procrastination (I tried to declare that my running kit was actually pyjamas. When asked, I explained that it had hi-vis on it in case of emergency. Pressed for further details I elaborated that there was a risk of “a bed emergency”) I hoofed out of the door in the opposite direction than normal. The route that I’ve been doing during the C25K is the flattest that I could think of, whereas turning left out of the front door is a slightly more undulating route.

I’m very proud to report that I managed a whole TWO miles!

One thing that I’m finding tricky is slowing down when I need to recover from a hill or a burst of misplaced enthusiasm. I know that sounds daft, especially as my pace isn’t exactly blistering right now, but all I seem to be able to do is walk or come to a standstill. What I can’t do is just plod on, moving my body in a way that looks a bit like running only much, much slower. I’m not sure if this is important (I think it is) and have a dim recollection of being advised to slow down, not walk, when I was first starting out. Is it important? Are there any tricks to getting your breath back? Preferably ones that don’t involve a nice cup of tea and a sit down (although you do know I would love to do just that).

5 thoughts on “Not Juneathon day 15

  1. knitnrun4sanity says:

    I find myself telling myself to slow down which I do for a bit but before I know it I have speeded up again. Walking is not wrong but is a state of mind. Think positively ie I can do this and you will.xx

  2. Jill says:

    I think the slowing-down-as-opposed-to-walking will come with more conditioning. Maybe work on, at first, just making one of your breaks a slow jog break and the rest walk breaks. And work on increasing the number. Congrats on your 2 mile run!

  3. joggett says:

    I find that once I’ve slowed down I can’t speed up again. If pushed I walk in the style of running. Looks thoroughly ridiculous but you con yourself you’re running. Works most times.
    keep on gooin’ girl..

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