Juneathon day three: yoga day

Tuesday is yoga day in our house. In the morning, Mini-Ginge and I go to baby yoga, where we sing nursery rhymes and do some gentle stretches.


Mini-Ginge preparing for his yoga class

In the evening, it’s my turn. At the moment I’m doing the class that our teacher describes as Therapeutic Yoga (I used to do her Dynamic Yoga class, but that feels a million years ago now) which is still hard work because there’s more focus on precision.

Usually I skulk at the back corner of the class, but in our last session, our teacher shifted the entire back row to the middle of the room. This week I had no choice as the back two rows had chucked down their mats completely haphazardly so it was like crazy paving. This is where things get tricky. I have encountered un-neutered tom cats who are less territorial than the average yoga class. It’s a bit like being back at school where you pick your favourite desk and stay there forever. I think I actually nabbed someone else’s regular space, but there was retaliation so I think I got away with it. Next week I might even try another different spot.

Anyway, tonight’s class was perfect for me (I suspect that my teacher is a mind reader sometimes) as a lot of the postures were great for freeing up my back. We also did a lot of very tiny precise movements, things like lying on our backs and (theoretically) bringing our pelvis towards our heads. To do this, you need to engage your pelvic floor, lowering your groin to the floor, but without tightening your bum cheeks. It’s harder than it sounds.