Juneathon day two: Swim-a-Song and sun salulations

Monday is Mini-Ginge’s swimming day. I say his swimming, he just lies there splashing his arms while I do all of the hard work. Anyway, even though lifting him up and down is good for my bingo wings, I felt a bit guilty using this as my Juneathon exercise as it’s not what I planned to do.

What I plan to do is daily yoga. Oh yes.

I am rubbish at doing exercises at home. I lack the motivation and then when I do actually do them, I feel as if I’m rushing and not doing them properly. It’s daft, Dan and Angela both posted their first ever Juneathon blog on twitter, which set me off looking through my old posts from 2009. On the one hand I can see how far I’ve come since then, on the other hand one bit stood out a mile. Back in 2009 I had enjoyed an epiphany about my yoga, I had bought books about it (my favourite way of doing anything) and was going to embark on my posture practise at home.

Needless to say I have never done this. I have however, waited five years for another yoga epiphany. This time I have bought an app, not a book. Well several apps, but I only like one of them. The others are a bit too shouty, require a subscription, or have adverts that are a bit incongruous to the whole meditative yoga lark.

So tonight I have warmed up, done some stretches for my sacroiliac joint (Mini-Ginge has had a bit of a growth spurt and is challenging my back a bit), a sequence of swan to cat to dog to cat to swan to get things going and then to the app for some sun salutations. I am rubbish at sun salutations. It comes down to the fact that I’m terrible at any kind of organised dancing, you will never see me doing the Macarena and I even spell things wrong doing the YMCA (my C comes out backwards). With sun salutations, I struggle to hold the sequence in my head and always seem to be one step behind. I am determined to crack this by the end of June.

Today I learned that:

  • I still hate the transition from plank to the knees-chest-chin pose.
  • I’m still more hopeless at plank.
  • I’m leaping ahead. What I need to do is go through the individual postures and get the basics sorted.

If anyone has any tips for doing yoga at home, or knows of any good, non-shouty videos that might help me, all suggestions would be gratefully received.

Importing the Juneathon blog roll into Feedly

Visit I can. I will who has put together the blog roll.

Right click on the the link to the OPML file and Save As or Save Link As

Log in to your Feedly account (if you’re anything like me, this will take longer than any of the rest of the process).

*UPDATED* Feedly has made this bit easier, just click on Organize on the left of the screen

This should take you to a page with the title Organize – next to the heading is a button that says Import OPML – click on this.

Click on Browse and find where you saved the OPML file back at the start, select the file and click Open. This will take you back to the import page – click the big blue Import button and wahey! The list should have imported into your Feedly account.