To Do: Knit tea cosy

Yesterday I enjoyed a very indulgent afternoon of quality trashy television (I heart Nashville, do not judge me), a mug of tea, a slice of my mum’s coffee and walnut cake, and a ball of wool. Rather than embrace my inner moggy and spend my time chasing yarn around the front room, I was very productive and can now cross off “knit tea cosy” from my To Do list.

I should probably write a more useful To Do list.

Anyway, for ages I’ve wanted a cosy for my funny shaped teapot. It’s a For Life stump teapot (proper posh, it’s what they have in the Tate Modern cafe) and is brilliant because it has a removable infuser/strainer bit. This means that you can brew your tea for however long you like (3 minutes please) and then remove it, thus avoiding your second cup being an over-brewed brew. Whilst I always have a perfectly brewed second cup, it’s often a perfectly brewed second cup that is stone cold, hence the need for insulation.

My perfect but funny-shaped teapot
After a hunt on Ravelry, I found the perfect pattern. Based on a pattern for a type of fez (fezzes are cool, though I don’t know why you’d knit one), it just needed a bit of tweaking to re-scale it to the size of my teapot.

IMG_2946It had its first run out this morning and worked brilliantly. I am ever so proud!

Adventuring to the OM Yoga Show

I’ve been doing yoga since 2009 and it’s one of the few hobbies/exercises that I’ve stuck with. I only do one class a week and I have only ever done classes with the same teacher (mainly because I think she’s ace but partly because I’m too much of a wuss to try another class), so I don’t consider myself to be a proper yoga practitioner. I am much more Boo Boo than Yogi.

However, I was lucky enough to win tickets to the Om Yoga Show (incorporating the Mind Body Soul Experience) courtesy of Helen at and last Sunday, my tiny yoga partner enjoyed one of my magical mystery tours around Manchester (he’s rubbish at navigating) so that we could visit the exhibition.

After parking in the extortionately priced but convenient car park, the show was very easy to find – it was just a question of following the steady stream of limber looking women wearing interesting leggings.

We kicked off with the Mind Body Soul half of the show, which I have to admit isn’t quite my cup of tea (or indeed my cup of purifying herbal infusion). At this point, I feel that I should issue a disclaimer: I will happily respect anyone’s belief in whatever mystic quackery they gain benefit from, however I also reserve the right to refer to such things as mystic quackery. This is probably why I found myself chatting to the man from the RSPB rather than discovering the benefits of hydrogen-rich water. Now I fear that I will never know how I have been coping with the water that comes with hydrogen and oxygen in the old-fashioned 2:1 ratio.

The yoga half of the show was (to me) far more interesting. I was very restrained when it came to shopping (like running, yoga is an activity that doesn’t require a lot of kit, but by heck there’s a lot of gorgeous kit to lust after) and only treated myself to a new mat and a spiky massage ball (which Mini-Ginge has taken a liking to, probably because it does look like it belongs in his toy box). There were plenty of demonstrations and open classes to gawp at (in an admiring way), I picked up a copy of Om Yoga and Lifestyle magazine for a quid and we bumped into both my yoga teacher (who was leading a demonstration later in the day) and Mini-Ginge’s yoga teacher (who was taking full advantage of the retail opportunities) which was also rather nice.

Would I go again? Yes, I think I would. Will I be brave enough to join in with the open classes? Maybe… Going to the show has made me think a little bit beyond my normal weekly yoga class and just setting off on the adventure to Manchester gave me a much needed boost, so all in all, it was a morning well spent.

(I went to the show because I won the tickets, there was no expectation or requirement from either Hels or the Om Yoga Show that I blog about it).