Juneathon day nine: hippy hippy shake

Today has been a very busy day. I’m not quite sure what possessed me this morning, but we were both up, fed, dressed and on our way to the supermarket by half nine. Shopping was amazingly brief so we braved the rain showers to walk down to the library for bounce and rhyme. As the name suggests, this involves bouncing and rhyming – lots of nursery rhymes, songs and actions – and today I learned that there is more than one verse to Hickory Dickory Dock, I never knew this! Anyway, this was all good upper body exercise for me – well, have you tried doing the actions to the Grand Old Duke of York with a 7kg wriggling kettlebell?

After we had bounced and rhymed, we had a stroll down to the doctors and back home for lunch. Lunch has to be relatively early on a Monday to avoid any unfortunate being sick in the pool incidents at swim-a-song (him, not me).

Tonight’s yoga involved some lovely hip opening, the added benefit being that as I lay on the floor I could see through the underside of our glass coffee table and found a bit of paper that I had been looking for (and was hidden from above).