Juneathon day fourteen: intermittent

At around three this afternoon monsoon-like conditions greeted me as I peered out of the office window.

I texted Ginge – “I may need a canoe to do Juneathon”. .

As I ran out of the office at 4.15, I was greeted with blue skies and a hint of sunshine. My hopes started to raise.

Ten minutes later, the sky grew darker and as I pulled into the petrol station the first splat of rain hit my windscreen.

In the time it took me to fill my car, the splat had turned into a downpour.

So tonight’s Juneathon has been a mix of activities squeezed in around the weather.


1. Sprint – A rain soaked dash from the front door across the road to the post office so I could catch them before they shut.


2. Weight lifting – Heavy books needed to go back to the library


3. Resistance training – I was strong and avoided being lured into the chippy on my way home


4. Distance – Admittedly not a long distance (it’s about a half mile round trip if you squint a bit) but I walked briskly to the library and back, and was rewarded with a lovely bit of librarian chat while I was there.

I may even do some stretches later (if Ginge puts my cup of tea slightly out of reach…)

5 thoughts on “Juneathon day fourteen: intermittent

  1. Millie (Runforthequiet) says:

    Well done on what sounds like an awesome Juneathon!

    I failed my resistance training.
    I bought Hot Cross Buns on the way home, they didn’t make it past 8pm.

    I’m also glad I’m not the only one who suffered with horrible weather. I hear there are people Juneathoning in Tshirts!

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