Juneathon day twelve: missing

Over the past few days I’ve realised that I’ve been missing my longer runs. Having found a sensible part of my head that I didn’t know existed, I’m only run/walking for 30 minutes (or 3 miles if I feel I can go on for a bit longer). It’s not just the feeling of the run (well the aferwards) that I miss, it’s just being out and about around the village, seeing things from the pavement that either I don’t notice from the car or running routes that I never drive.


There’s nothing wild going on, it’s usually just the odd sign about things, or something being demolished or developed, but I feel like I know what’s happening. And I miss that.


Anyway, today I was on a later shift at work so I could have an early run with none of the trauma of a pre-dawn alarm call. It’s felt harder than other days (but that’s the way of running, it’s no guarantee of how next time will turn out), my running was shorter and my walks more frequent. It’s a bit like doing a couch to 5k in reverse.


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