Juneathon 29/30 – feel the fear and do it anyway

I hope you all appreciate the anxieties I’ve been overcoming so that I can find all this treasure. I’ve become fairly shameless at photographing people’s property, things in bins and knickers in hedges. Today however was an entirely different kettle of fish. I know I’m not alone in feeling panicky when it comes to walking or running through farmers’ fields, even when then there’s a footpath – I suspect it’s the knowledge that you’re at risk of annoying a man who is likely to have a shotgun license.

Today was my fault. Kind of. When I saw that trig point had been added to the list, I had to do a bit of research to find out (a) what they are and (b) where I might find one. I learned that they come in different shapes and sizes, they tend to be up hills and it appears that there are people who go round photographing them as a hobby. I quite like that we live in a world with people who do things like that, partly because it makes me feel better about doing all this palaver.

Having identified one not too far away (and convenient for another bit of treasure), I printed off a map, which somehow has survived the journey down and a week in the tent. We navigated our way to a probable field by applying my OS map reading knowledge, skills (and I use the term loosely) that have been untouched since second year geography. Decades have passed since then, so I was quite proud of being able to use landmarks to navigate us to where the thing should be. After quite a lot of tramping, we deduced that we were in the wrong field and should have been in the one next door.


Unfortunately we couldn’t see a way into the next field, so off we went looking, determined that there had to be a way in. Way in located, we set off round the edge of the field, fighting the temptation to say sod it all the way. Just as we were about to give up, old eagle eyes spotted something on the horizon. There it was in all its concrete glory.


This does not do any justice to the amount of back and forth toing and froing that was involved in finding the bloody thing. I took Miles with us and all together we clocked up a 3 mile walk. With hindsight, I reckon that around 2 of these were done whilst traipsing fruitlessly through fields…

After all this excitement we went hunting for rhino and were rewarded with a glimpse through the leaves.


Finally, we took advantage of being up a big hill in order to admire the scenery from a viewpoint overlooking fields and sea.


And after all that, we just have one more day to go!

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