Juneathon 28/30 – treasure within treasure

Several people had the same idea of a geocache as a suggestion for my treasure list. I’ve seen lots of people tweeting about looking for them, but was a bit clueless about what it actually involved. Basically, people hide treasure in the form of caches and then other people locate them using GPS and clues (and I suspect a bit of luck), the finder then logs their find in the cache and/or the Geocaching website.

Sometimes the caches contain bits and bobs that the finders leave for other people to take in exchange for something else to be left. We tried to find one right on the doorstep of the campsite, but failed miserably (in part because we had no idea what we were looking for) and so carried on to the next one on our list where we had way more success!



It’s fair to say that I was stupidly excited to find it.

We turned round and hoofed it back, both of us feeling like we’d started the run from scratch and grateful that we’d run before it became too hot.

At the end of the three miles, we also ticked off a roadside egg stall with a beautiful handwritten sign.


5 thoughts on “Juneathon 28/30 – treasure within treasure

  1. AprilRuns says:

    It is exciting even though the little treasures inside are usually the most useless objects. But somehow, finding an old golf ball or a tiny toy awakens the child in you. Watch out, you could get hooked to it before you say ‘geocache’.

  2. joggett says:

    Lovely example of the roadside egg stall genre. Saving the best til last. And geocaching is great fun – just wish there was more time to do it.

  3. henniemavis says:

    Hooray for roadside egg stalls! I’d have one, if it weren’t that I live at the end of a dead end road (no passersby). Bad for business, but good for the soul 🙂 Have really been enjoying your treasure hunt theme!

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