Juneathon 27/30 – A capital idea

Somehow, yesterday, I twanged my back. I’m not sure if this was because of the air mattress, poor adherence to moving and handling training, or climbing trees when I’m old enough to know better. Whatever the cause, I spent most of the day listing to the right, creaking and swearing under my breath.

In light of this, today’s Juneathon activity turned into ‘lots of walking around London village’ as we headed up to the big smoke on one of those fancy high speed trains, treasure hunting as we went.

From St Pancras the first stop was always going to be I Knit London near Waterloo. It is full of woolly goodness and I left with a bagful of unknitted dreams… By the time I had finished stroking every skein in the shop, it was dinnertime. I considered sacrificing myself for the sake of Juneathon treasure by managing a half eaten Greggs, but luckily someone else had taken the bullet for me.


This freed me up to have some rather lovely jerk chicken with rice and peas, while Ginge enjoyed a helping of curry goat*…


From Waterloo, it was back into the tourist fray of Trafalgar Square where I shrieked ‘MONSTER!’ and scampered off to see this fine example of street furniture that looks like a face. There is a nice symmetry to this because he was knitted by the marvellous Deadly Knitshade who suggested this piece of treasure in the first place.


We also bagged a unicorn


a chalk drawing on a pavement


…and a view through an archway while we were there.


Down at Covent Garden, I considered trying a new look with a bit of glitter


…but decided to steady myself from these thoughts by looking at cake instead.


While we were window shopping we also spotted a penny.


It wouldn’t be a trip to London without venturing down to the Thames and conveniently this also allowed us to tick riverboats off the list.


So that’s another ten pieces of treasure with just three days of Juneathon to go.

*I would like to point out that I would have much preferred to see my goat in a livelier, more bleatingly animated form, but the little buggers have kept evading me throughout the month.

5 thoughts on “Juneathon 27/30 – A capital idea

  1. fitartist says:

    I would have thought that dress would be better suited to ‘Ginger’…

    That picture of rice n peas etc made my mouth water good and proper.

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