Juneathon 25/30 – treasuretastic!

Righty ho. I have 16% battery life and a lot of treasure to get through tonight.

Over the last couple of days I have been proper slacking enjoying my holidays whilst getting a bit drunk with various Athoners neglecting my Juneathon duties. Tonight I have remedied that the best that I can in that I have done a proper run (somewhere between 3 and 3.5 miles, Miles and I had a bit of a miscommunication and I ran a stretch without him keeping track) and seen loads of treasure.

I’m not entirely sure who suggested what and limited battery life and signal make it hard to check and link to you all (I do feel bad about this and will try to remedy this when I have more of both but in the meantime you can always lay claim to your suggestion(s) in the comments if you’re feeling particularly proud!).

So I ran out along the seafront, before turn round and running on the sand where I spotted a shell


And of course I was spoilt for choice in spotting a pebble


I decided to look up for a bit and saw a cloud that looks like something (a turtle rather than the preferable crocodile)…


After that, something orange caught my eye…


There was a warning that there might be an exotic animal lurking in the waters but I’m not completely convinced…


Maybe I should have been more worried that here be a dragon


Away from the seafront, I added an interesting plaque to my haul…


Followed by a proper Cornish pasty (though I doubt that Hels will let me have that one)…


And a penguin


Before I scooted off the high street to see a fire engine tucked up for the night…


And on to the supermarket (which would later see me post-run and sweaty buying a nice bottle of white to rehydrate)…


And then a final loop back a few yaaaaarrrds so that I could bag a pirate



7 thoughts on “Juneathon 25/30 – treasuretastic!

  1. gogirl2012 says:

    I am curious what kind of pace do
    You keep with all that treasure hunting? 🙂 loved all the photos

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