Juneathon 12/30 – to wallaby or not to wallaby

We had high hopes for tonight’s expedition – a canal run along a stretch where we had previously spotted both a goat and an exotic animal (in the form of a wallaby). There’s every chance that we were previously mistaken about the wallaby, but whatever it was, it was certainly bigger than a squirrel.

Unfortunately, the wallaby was no more and there were no goats to be seen either. I’m slightly miffed by this as it seems like every man and his dog had a goat last year, but now we are goatless. Someone has indeed got my goat.

However, all was not lost and we did see a bit of traditional canal art in the form of roses and castles (another suggestion from the prolific Morning of Magicians).

King of the castle

We also say a conifer that looked a bit like a molar – does this count as an interesting tree @torsparkles?

It looks like more like a tooth in real life. Maybe you had to be there.

For the return leg, we ventured off the towpath and onto the main road where eagle eyed Ginge (I might start calling him that all of the time) spotted an orchid (although I am still hoping to see a real one on my travels Jo!)

An unexpected orchid

Tomorrow night is yoga night, so it’s an early hunt in the morning – unless downward facing cat will count as treasure?

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