Juneathon day 1: And so it begins…

During previous Athons, I have stressed the importance of preparation for surviving them with some sanity intact, and so it was that I found myself up at midnight last night twiddling around with my blog and crashing around the sleeping form of Ginge while I tried to locate all the essentials for a 6 o’clock run the next morning. And then I couldn’t get to sleep. And then (as predicted) I woke up at 4.30 panicking that I’d slept through my alarm. I’ve actually spent the last few days with a sense of panic that I’ve forgotten to do Juneathon, so in some ways it was nice not to be a false alarm.

I was organised enough to set off at 5.55 and did a 3 mile there and back again through the village. Passed a man heading off to the mill pond to do a bit of fishing, another man walking 4 dogs and a runner with his hood pulled tight around his head like South Park Kenny (who didn’t say hello despite/because of me staring at him). Other than that, a very uneventful 3 miles .

During Janathon, I measured my runs in Ferrero Rocher (103.1 miles = 174 Ferrero Rocher). Despite what their marketing says, the Ferrero Rocher is a seasonal creature and has no place in Juneathon. After asking Twitter (thanks @adeleprince, @helsieboo and @abradypus), I am now very pleased to present the meter with the feature…. the scale that won’t fail…ladies and gentlemen…

Which is slightly more depressing than using Ferrero Rocher as you don’t get as many cornets to the mile.

(The Cornet-o-Meter uses calorie counts from Weight Loss Resources – an average cornet comes in at 140kcal and a 99 at 240kcal)

16 thoughts on “Juneathon day 1: And so it begins…

  1. Robyn says:

    I think I am going to have to start running in the mornings-but it is so hard getting up at 5 when it is dark outside-but then it is done! I will be blogging about my run later (which I will also do LATER!) 🙂

  2. Bad Wabbit says:

    Can you mix Ferrero Rochers with ice-creams to make up the numbers? I had a similar system with mars bars and champagne. Mmm – might go and reward myself with some after today’s herculean efforts (just under 4 miles). Oops!

  3. Sean Blair says:

    I’ve been thinking bottles of wine as the o’meter, about 750 calories per bottle that = about an hours run? QED if I drank a bottle a day (in theory of course) I’d have to run 31 hours – about 300k? Blimey – I’m feeling better for being off it (so far!)

  4. Steve says:

    Brilliant! The Rocher meter was so appropriate just after Christmas and once again you’ve hit it right on the head with this one… the sun’s out this weekend so now I can work out how many 99s I can eat on 3 days running!

    (Not many it seems)

  5. warriorwoman says:

    We have a South Park Kenny who runs up the hill in front of our house. I find it perplexing. I come close to spontaneous combustion when I run and find it hard to imagine why anyone would wear more than than was just decent.

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