Juneathon Day 16: And the winner is…

Last night I went to yoga leaving Ginge with a list of suggestions for my Garmin virtual training partner, some beer and the State of Origin game on the telly. The only deal that we’d struck is that I wasn’t allowed to hint at which one I’d like and he wasn’t allowed to pick something¬† deliberately that I wouldn’t like.

To be honest, I loved all the suggestions. I was immediately banned from Nicky192’s idea that I should name it after a teenage crush as Ginge knows what I’m still like with my lustful inclinations towards Eric Cantona, and runtezza’s Garmin Miranda made me laugh like a drain.

Honourable mentions from Ginge go to Katrina with Emile Monroe (a name and an anagram) and Robyn with Marvin the Garmin. Hels also got kudos for “Ben, after The Running Man”. However, in the end, Ginge said that there was a clear winner…

And the winner is….

K, like in caKe (the genius behind Cake of Good Hope) with Miles. Not only did Ginge see it and immediately knew that it was right, but as soon as he decided that this was the winner, Nate Myles made a break for Queensland and this was clearly a sign from the gods (or at least the commentators on Channel 9). So well done K, like in caKe! If you let me know where I’m sending it, a tin of William Santus’ finest confectionary will be on its way to you at the weekend.

This morning I took Miles out for a two mile race. The first mile felt great, mile 1 to mile 1.5 was like I’d been fitted with concrete trainers (I suspect that’s down to lots of strong leg work at yoga last night combined with residual achy legs from, ooh, the last fortnight), I started to pull up with half a mile to go before calling myself an idiot and pushing on, quarter of mile from home I realised that some of my discomfort was a hint that if I went much further then there would have to be an emergency pit stop… Needless to say, it was with some relief when Miles tinkled his little bell and told me that the workout had finished.

And the winner was….?



Me! By a whole four seconds. Miles has yet to come up with his excuses.