Janathon day twelve: starting yoga practice at home

I’ve not been going to my regular yoga class since I went back to work in July, but I went to a free class between Christmas and New Year (I do not tolerate the use of this Twixmas nonsense, if we’re going to call it anything it the “Festive Perineum” and oh how I wish I’d invented that phrase) and realised just how much I missed my time on the mat.

For ages I have been struggling with the concept of doing yoga at home. My problem is that if I’m going to do something, I want to do it well and if I don’t feel like I know what I’m doing, I procrastinate and try to avoid it. I know that I won’t be able to do poses at home in the same way as I do in class; I tend to rush more, without my teacher prompting us to make teeny adjustments I wonder if I’ll be doing things properly and I certainly won’t do an hour and half.

Eventually it dawned on me that my home practice will not be the same as going to a class, but that’s ok. This is why I pay money to be taught by a yogi with 30-odd years practice. So I googled (still procrastinating folks) “yoga practice at home”. The first thing that I learned is that I need a sacred space in which to unfurl my mat. This is my first challenge. We live in a house with 5 rooms. At any point in time, 4 of them contain stuff belonging to Mini-Ginge. The fifth room (our bedroom) still contains all of the stuff that we removed from the spare room so that we could put Mini-Ginge in it. The incense, candles and soft music may have to wait. Unless I can fashion a candleholder out of Duplo.

The second important thing is that it doesn’t matter how long I spend on my practice. Ten minutes daily is better than an hour once a week. Excellent.

Next problem… What poses do I do? Should I be putting together flowing vinyasas? Practising postures that I struggle with? Trying to balance my poses to incorporate all the styles of movement? Well according to the internet, I may only have to do ten minutes practice, but I really should include a warm up, a forward bend, a back bend, a seated pose, a balance, a twist, some breathing work and a meditation…

So back to the procrastination. But the procrastination was good because it meant that I found this – The Beginner’s Guide to Home Yoga Practice. I have a very strong suspicion that it was written especially for me although I don’t know how she could mind read so accurately. See all those worries up there? Solved. In just one article I was reassured, taught stuff and just a little bit inspired. If you’re thinking about doing yoga at home (or you’ve started and are feeling a bit lost), go now, read it, it’s absolutely brilliant and in tribute to it, today’s Janathon was the sequence at the end (behind the sofa, using my mat bag as a belt).

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