Janathon day eleven: fishcakes revisited

Thank you all for your lovely comments and tweets after yesterday’s post. Today I revelled in the glorious knowledge that I didn’t have to run, until Ginge pointed out that I’d said on here that I was going to run and therefore I had to run. Arse.

The fishcakes were indeed lovely, it’s a dead easy recipe from The Food of Thailand, which is a brilliant book if you like Thai. We love Thai and Ginge is keen enough to faff about making pastes and spice blends, so this is one of our very well used cookery books (evidenced by the splashes and smears of ingredients on the more popular pages).

IMG_6455Fried fishcakes with green beans
450g firm white fish fillets
1tbsp red curry paste
1tbsp fish sauce
1 egg
50g green beans, finely sliced
5 kaffir lime leaves, finely shredded
Oil for deep(ish) frying

Skin and debone the fish, then roughly chop. In a food processor, mince the fish with the curry paste, fish sauce and egg until smooth. Mix with the beans and lime leaves. With wet hands, shape the fishcakes and then fry in a few centimetres of hot oil until golden.

The ones we made yesterday were done with about 300g of fish and about twice as much curry paste (we freeze batches in 2tbsp blobs). It’s not a precise science…

So that’s fishcakes. As for running, we had to nip into town so I asked Ginge to drop me off four miles from home and I braved the wind and outbreaks of rain to plod home from there. Whilst I hate the process of being chucked out at the side of the road, I love the way that every step that I take is a step towards home, especially as in this case there was a bubbly bath and some price reduced hot chicken waiting for me when I got in.